How does Marie Street Press work?

Marie Street Press is a 3rd party company that offers a variety of publishing services and then finds the best qualified vendor to process your order. We do all of the hard stuff so that you can take it easy! We use a “print-on-demand” publisher so that you don’t have to clog your garage with copies of your book.

If you order books in quantity, we can provide multiple printing options so that you can reduce your cost per book (and increase your revenues).

At Marie Street Press, we share profits (after printing costs) 50/50 with our authors.

So, you get the easiest path to publication with an unprecedented revenue share. What could be easier?

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How do I get started?

  1. Before a title may be published, Marie Street Press requires the submission and approval of an application
  2. Once an application has been accepted, the client will be contacted by Marie Street Press. At this time a representative will help you to make the first payment and submit the manuscript according to your chosen specifications
  3. Marie Street Press will be in communication with you through the duration of the publishing process to provide the services included with your package
  4. When the manuscript and artwork are finalized, Marie Street Press will submit your title for printing and e-publishing (if included in your package)

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Who owns the copyright to the book?

You (the author) do.

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What e-formats does Marie Street Press offer?

Marie Street Press offers formatting for all major e-book publishers.

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How do book sales work?

Book profits (revenues after printing costs) are split 50/50 between Marie Street Press the author, and full reports are provided to track progress and copies sold. E-book profits are split 50/50 between MSP and author. Note that print sales are reported on print books up to 120 days (or more) after sale date, less returns.

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What’s the turnaround time from when I submit my manuscript until I have a book in my hands?

From finalized manuscript and cover art approval, you are looking at less than two weeks!

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What about audiobooks, online promotions, and videos?

Audio book production and video production is handled through our sister company, Your Online Video, Inc.. We offer professional sound recording, editing, and video options (including promotional videos via skype) for an additional charge. We can assist you in the creation of additional materials, such as workbooks, study guides, online courses and video learning development, and many other additional tools that will help you to realize revenues for your expertise. Call 214-519-8033 for more details, or fill in our contact form here. [CONTACT FORM NEEDED]

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